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Japanese Shiba Inu
Japanese Shiba Inu
Japanese Shiba Inu
Japanese Shiba Inu
:  Non-Sporting Japanese Shiba Inu
:  1997
:  More

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Desription .........  The Japanese Shiba Inu has a height of 16 inches. Physically, he reminds one of the Akita, including the ears, which are also upright and are somewhat bent forward relative to the neckline. His coat is also soft, but the color can be brighter: red, black and chestnut, though it doesn’t shine like the Akita’s coat.

The dominating features in this breed are considerably weaker, something his quick wits compensate for. The Japanese Shiba Inu always tries to get his own way. On the whole, this dog isn’t noisy, but if somebody were to intrude into his home, the intruder would immediately be dealt with, and this dog would not start any unnecessary barking before attacking. He loves his family, is ready to participate in all activities and games and never gets tired of them. The Shiba Inu is easily trained and likes exercise.

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:  Active and clever

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  User Reviews:
By: warren On: 2/26/2009 1:17:26 AM Rated Rating 4
My baby : I love dogs but I am annoyed by noisy ones. My breeder friend then offered me a Japanese Shiba Inu and I was so impressed. Although it is very energetic and fun loving, it does not bark as much as other dogs. I also admire its intellect, it learns so fast, even faster than I thought. In fact, when I watched a dog show some two months ago, one of the organizers noticed my Japanese Shiba and invited me to join in their future show with my pet. The organizers liked the clean and pleasant appearance of my pet and liked him even more when they asked him to show-off some of his tricks when all the other dogs have left. "This is such a clever dog, he is so smart and gifted", said one of the organizer.
With his heart-warming comment, I was convinced that I really need to enlist my dog to their next show. For sure, this would be a great exposure for him. I am proud of my pet. I do not mind now spending for his food and grooming because it pays off well. I was just like taking care of a baby which now keeps me company at home. I recommended this breed to my friends and to all dog lovers who would not want to one day regret their money spent for their dogs.

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