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Review > Dogs > Non-sporting Dogs > Japanese Spitz
Japanese Spitz
Japanese Spitz
Japanese Spitz
Japanese Spitz
:  Non-Sporting Japanese Spitz
:  2007
:  More

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Desription .........  The Japanese Spitz came to Europe less than 20 years ago, but has already become very popular. With a height of 14.4 inches, the Spitz is a well-proportioned, slender dog with a sharply defined figure, and a gorgeous coat that is always dazzling white. Despite the density of his coat, this dog is not difficult to groom or maintain.

The Japanese Spitz is not noisy and is a good guard. He can be a very good companion: agile and smart, both for a big family and single people. He has a moderate appetite, and isn’t too picky about food, although at first sight it may seem that he is quite a glutton.

:  Regular
:  Moderate
:  Modest
:  Active and sweet

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  User Reviews:
By: chrislam On: 2/23/2009 2:39:46 AM Rated Rating 4
A Friend Indeed : I am not really a dog lover, but everything changes since I saw my neighbor's Japanese spitz. Suddenly, I found myself asking her where she bought her pet and asked her to accompany me to her breeder. On that same day we visited her breeder, I did not allow myself to leave without a Japanese spitz on hand. Since then I started to love everything that this little white pet has. She is very intelligent and fun to be with. I used to go out with friends during my free time, but since I got this pet, I rarely do so because she is so playful and would really make me feel as if I am in the company of a human person.
Unlike other dogs I have known, she is so affectionate and really very protective. At one time, a friend who has not visited me for long came to my house, and my Japanese spitz never stopped barking until I asked her to stop. This is one of the many traits I like in her, she will never let a thief get to my house, she really makes me feel secure. I also love her snow-white hair which is long but odorless. I do not need to buy so many dog perfumes or shampoos, it has a natural good smell.It is a real friend indeed!

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