Saturday, December 7, 2019
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Review > Herding
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  Bearded Collie Bearded Collie The Bearded Collie, also known as the Highland Collie, has eyes so charming that it is said that do... 1978 Rating 0 Add to Compare  

  Red Collie Red Collie This noble and clever dog is a hard-working breed used for herding, and is found in three main colo... 1977 Rating 0 Add to Compare  

  German Shepherd Dog German Shepherd Probably the most famous breed of dog, the German Shepherd is highly trainable, and are used as she... 1978 Rating 5 Add to Compare  

  Old English Sheepdog Old English Sheepdog The Old English Sheepdog, also known as the Bobtail, is another world-famous breed. This dog has co... 1990 Rating 0 Add to Compare  

  Canaan Dog Canaan The Canaan Dog was recently brought to Europe from the deserts of Middle Asia; his native land is I... 1996 Rating 5 Add to Compare  

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