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St. Bernard dog
St. Bernard dog
St. Bernard dog
:  Working St. Bernard
:  1998
:  More

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Desription .........  Perhaps one of the most easily recognized dogs, the St. Bernard cuts a remarkably large and strong figure. Bred in the mountains of Switzerland, the St. Bernard is traditionally pictured with a bottle of brandy on his neck searching for travelers stuck in deep snow. Every detail about today’s St. Bernard is huge, from the wide cheekbones to his enormous jaws. His flews droop, which makes for a very slobbery dog.

Training the adult St. Bernard requires gentleness, although if the St. Bernard were to pull the leash, it could become a real struggle for the owner. Hair trimming is not a problem, as the dogs of this breed have hair of a short to moderate length. The St. Bernard’s coat color should be orange, dark red, red and brown with white markings, or white with markings of these colors all over the body. The St. Bernard has a kind and trustful nature, but if he lashes out at anyone, it can be a terrifying sight. When considering this breed as a pet (and indeed, the St. Bernard makes a wonderful friend), first consider if you are able to accommodate the difficulties that come with owning such a large dog.

:  Medium - complicated
:  Medium intensity
:  Fastidious
:  Steady and friendly

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  User Reviews:
By: joseph On: 2/26/2009 4:08:25 AM Rated Rating 4
Great Family Dog : In one movie I watched several years back, my attention was caught by the "dog rescuer" which I later learned was a St. Bernard. From then on, I really searched the breeders in town for this type of dog and I was lucky enough to bring home one. I am fortunate to get this breed from a legitimate breeder because I did not have much trouble with its health and behavior. My teenage son loves to play with him and enjoys teaching him new tricks. The St. Bernard eventually became his strolling buddy and friend, he spends most of his time with it. I feel more secure now when my son goes out of the village as long as he brings along his pet. I know that his St. Bernard will never leave him in times of trouble or when there are unruly boys who try to bully him. The traits of the breed I saw in the movie was really true because that was exactly how our dog behaves.

But our veterinarian cautioned us to be extra careful with its eyes because this breed is highly prone to eye diseases. The breed is also prone to epilepsy and seizures. And this is what we are really very careful of because my family would not want to have this St. Bernard die just like that. It is a great family dog, very affectionate and loving.

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