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Sporting Dogs
Learn about various sporting dog breeds and discover unique characteristics of this particular breed. Find out why sporting dog breeds make good companions to dog owners. Pointers, retrievers, setters and spaniels are some of the breeds in this group.
  Photo Name Description Year Review Compare  
  English Setter English Setter The English Setter is a tall and elegant dog. His coat is long and thin; coloration is white with b... 1986 Rating 0 More  

  Irish Setter Irish Setter The Irish Setter is very beautiful, but to maintain this beauty, one needs to groom his long, thin ... 1990 Rating 0 More  

  Pointer Pointer The Pointer is quite a tall dog (with a height of 27.5 inches). His motions are free and athletic. ... 1975 Rating 0 More  

  Golden Retriever Golden Retriever The Golden Retriever can be found in almost every kennel. His talents allow him to be a retriever; ... 1981 Rating 5 More  

  English Cocker Spaniel English Cocker Spaniel The English Cocker Spaniel is a very active dog that is constantly looking for something in the gra... 1988 Rating 4 More  

  Chesapeake Bay Retriever Chesapeake Bay Retriever The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is a strong, muscular dog. His height reaches 26.5 inches, though he c... 1993 Rating 0 More  

  Curly-Coated Retriever Curly-Coated Retriever The Curly-coated Retriever has a very unusual appearance, because his whole body, even the tail, is... 1993 Rating 0 More  

  Flat-Coated Retriever Flat-Coated Retriever The Flat-Coated Retriever the slightest figure among Retrievers, except for the rare Nova Scotia Du... 1990 Rating 0 More  

  Labrador Retriever Labrador Retriever The Labrador Retriever was bred in Greenland. This dog has a solid build; his coat is short and coa... 1994 Rating 4 More  

  Clumber Spaniel Clumber Spaniel Clumber Spaniel isn’t a small dog; his height is about 17 inches. Strangely enough, unlike a Cocker... 2001 Rating 0 More  

  American Cocker Spaniel American Cocker Spaniel The American Cocker Spaniel descended from English Cocker Spaniel. The name itself reflects its nat... 2007 Rating 0 More  

  English Springer Spaniel English Springer Spaniel The name Springer Spaniel corresponds to the task of this dog on a hunt—to raise the prey (to sprin... 1994 Rating 0 More  

  Field Spaniel Field Spaniel The Field Spaniel can easily be mistaken for an English Spaniel, from whom he differs by his longer... 1998 Rating 0 More  

  Irish Water Spaniel Irish Water Spaniel The Irish Water Spaniel is a dog for an experienced owner. At 23 inches, he is rather tall for a Sp... 1990 Rating 0 More  

  Sussex Spaniel Sussex Spaniel The Sussex Spaniel is another lesser known, but nevertheless old breed that played a role in the ap... 1992 Rating 0 More  

  Welsh Springer Spaniel Welsh Springer Spaniel The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a competitor of his English brother, while the Welsh claim that their... 1989 Rating 0 More  

  Weimaraner Weimaraner The Weimaraner is an unusual dog. He is tall for a gundog (27.5 inches). He is called the “silver g... 1971 Rating 0 More  

  Brittany Brittany Brittanies came to England from Normandy, their native land, not a very long time ago. It is a hunt... 1990 Rating 4 More  

  German Shorthaired Pointer German Shorthaired Pointer The German Shorthaired Pointer appeared in England at the beginning of the 1950s and immediately be... 1992 Rating 0 More  

  German Wirehaired Pointer German Wirehaired Pointer The German Wirehaired Pointer is a rarer dog than his Shorthaired relative. He also carries out the... 2006 Rating 0 More  

  Gordon Setter Gordon Setter The Gordon Setter from Scotland is heavier than other Setters. He reaches 26.5 inches in height, bu... 2002 Rating 0 More  

  Hungarian Shorthaired Vizsla Hungarian Shorthaired Vizsla The Hungarian Shorthaired Vizsla is a strikingly colored hunting dog from Central Europe. His short... 1995 Rating 0 More  

  Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla The Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla is another representative of the Hound breeds, resembling the Hunga... 1995 Rating 0 More  

  Irish Red & White Setter Irish Red & White Setter The Irish Red & White Setter will surprise many of those who are familiar with the Irish Setter, wh... 1990 Rating 0 More  

  Italian Spinone Italian Spinone The Italian Spinone is another Hound who appeared in Great Britain only 20 years ago. His height at... 2000 Rating 0 More  

  Kooikerhondje Kooikerhondje The Tiny Kooikerhondje from the Netherlands has a height of 16 inches and is covered with a slightl... 2007 Rating 3 More  

  Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever The name of this dog, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, may sound amusing to some people beca... 2001 Rating 0 More  

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